Teacher: Matthew Little
Weekly Write 2

Spring is in the air. I know because I am sneezing.

Weekly Write Overview

Every week we have a short writing assignment:

  • Your submission should be about 120 words long, or half a page double-spaced.
  • Please be honest in your writing – I am not paid to mark google translate – I prefer that you write without too much aid from translation devices. You are not marked for grammar so long as you take my feedback seriously (which may include grammar advice).
  • The format doesn’t matter (Word document, photo of your writing, e-mail etc.), and it can be submitted on Canvas or through email (matthew.little@mpsd.ca).
  • I will provide feedback and/or proofreading for each of your submissions.
  • The next weekly write will be posted Wednesday.

Choose the prompt that most interests you.

Toggle the drop down bar to see each of the 4 Writing Prompts:

Prompt 1: Nature Walk

Prompt: Go for a walk in nature, or imagine a walk. Where do you go? What do you see? How do you feel?


Your account can be from the present or past, fact or fiction. Consider adding tension to your account – maybe you are hanging over the edge of a suspension bridge…

Prompt 2: Embarassment

This prompt was inspired by the “humiliation” experienced by these athletes. But we all experience embarrassment in our lives.

Prompt: You realize you have been calling someone by the wrong name for weeks.


If this prompt doesn’t work for you consider another from this website: https://www.thepencompany.com/blog/creative-writing/embarrass-your-story-characters-with-these-21-writing-prompts/

Prompt 3: TikTok Review

As the first YouTube comment for this video helpfully points out, “You know you start to get old when you have to listen to a news report to understand an internet phenomenon….”

Prompt: Does TikTok make the world a better place? Why or why not?


You could also write about TikTok more generally.

Prompt 4: 4 reasons to learn a new language

Prompt: The TED talk suggests that because I know you only through the lens of ELL, I could be missing out on your entire character. What are some interesting things I would learn about you if I spoke your native language.


Alternative prompt: Besides English, what other language(s) would you like to learn? Why do you want to learn this/these language(s)? What is difficult, enjoyable, interesting?