Teacher: Matthew Little
Weekly Write 3

Space, the final frontier

Weekly Write Overview

Every week we have a short writing assignment:

  • Your submission should be about 120 words long, or half a page double-spaced.
  • Please be honest in your writing – I am not paid to mark google translate – I prefer that you write without too much aid from translation devices. You are not marked for grammar so long as you take my feedback seriously (which may include grammar advice).
  • The format doesn’t matter (Word document, photo of your writing, e-mail etc.), and it can be submitted on Canvas or through email (matthew.little@mpsd.ca).
  • I will provide feedback and/or proofreading for each of your submissions.
  • The next weekly write will be posted Wednesday.

Choose the prompt that most interests you.

Toggle the drop down bar to see each of the 4 Writing Prompts:

Prompt 1: Space is Big

For many of us space is incomprehensibly vast.

Prompt: How does the vastness of space make you feel?


Your answers could be about emotions, curiosity, perspective. Write whatever comes to mind!

Prompt 2: The Importance of Space Programs

On May 27th, 2020, SpaceX and NASA will launch two astronauts into space. These will be the first astronauts to be launched into space on American soil since 2011.

Prompt: Why are space programs such as NASA (USA), JAXA (JPN), and CNSA (China) important despite their high cost?


Consider talking about technology, science, and social aspects… What happens if we defund science?

Prompt 3: Chinese Space Station

Only 3 countries have sent astronauts into space on their own rockets (Russia/Soviet Union, USA, and China). Yesterday (May 5th) China successfully launched the Long March-5 or Chang Zheng 5, and though there were no astronauts aboard, the design will be capable of sending astronauts into space in the future. It marks the beginning of a new era of Chinese space exploration and the construction of a new space station.

Prompt: What is it like to experience a rocket launch?

Prompt (alternate): How do national accomplishments like sending astronauts to space, creating a space station, (or in Canada) contributing to a project like the International Space Station (ISS), affect us?


You can sometimes livestream rocket launches. Here are a couple examples:


Prompt 4: Music Inspired by Space

Prompt: Tell a very short story about (or description of): space, the night sky, or astronomy. It can be about your childhood, leaving the city and seeing the night sky in the country… anything that comes to mind.

Prompt (alternative): How does Vangellis’ Rosetta match the subject matter of the Rosetta Probe mission?


Consider listening to music inspired by space as you write: https://www.classicfm.com/music-news/7-times-classical-music-was-inspired-by-space/