What are we doing this week?


Every Monday:

  • Grammar Minute
  • Game
  • Vocabulary Assignment
  • Intro to Week


Every Tuesday:

  • Grammar Minute
  • YouTube Video and Weekly Write


Every Wednesday

  • Grammar Minute
  • Paragraph Corrections


Every Thursday:

  • Grammar Minute
  • Comprehension Activity


Every Friday:

  • Vocabulary Quiz
  • Group Activity

What lessons are we working on?

What projects are we working on?

This activity is part of our weekly routine. You are assigned 15 words on Monday. For each of these words you must provide 2 things:

1) Either a synonym or an antonym.

2) A sentence of your own which uses the word correctly.

Every Friday (or Thursday if there is no class Friday) I select five of your words at random from your cumulative list of words.

Choose one activity from part 1, one from part 2, and one from part 3. Please circle your choices.

Part 1: Interview A Classmate

Take Notes

Record Interview

Create 1-page minimum of bullet point notes about a classmate from a different language background than yourself.

Consider these headings: name, country/city of birth, family/guardians, homestay family, hobbies/interests, favourite foods, travel past/future, courses this semester, interesting fact.


Create a series of questions for a classmate from a different language background than yourself. Interview them, recording the interview on your phone (or with Mr. Little’s equipment).

Part 2: Introduce A Classmate to the Class

Introduce to Class

Play Recording

Ad-lib or otherwise present a two-minute introduction of a chosen classmate. This does not need to be the same classmate as in Part 1.

Your clear and audible interview (video or audio-only) will be played for the class with the permission of all participants.

Part 3: Share What You Learned

Written Reflection

Record Final Thoughts
Once at least half your class has been introduced or made an introduction (part 2), you can write a reflection about the activity.

What did you learn? What was interesting? What worked or didn’t work for you about this project and why? Etc.

Make a two-minute audio recording reflecting on this project (video or audio-only)


What did you learn? What was interesting? What worked or didn’t work for you about this project and why? Etc.


noun: podcast; plural noun: podcasts

1.      a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

Courtesy of google.com


In this project you will find, choose and listen to an episode of a podcast. One of our goals this semester is to immerse ourselves in English. Podcasts and audiobooks are a great way listen to English while on the go. Later in the term you will be writing and recording a podcast. Answer every question in full sentences.

Part 1: Choose a Podcast

Where can you find podcasts in English (at least three websites)?




Choose one English-language podcast that you think will be interesting. What was your chosen podcast? Who makes the podcast (and/or) who is involved in the podcast?







Part 2: Listen to a Podcast

Did you listen to the podcast from beginning to end in one session, or did you listen to it in bits and pieces? Did you listen to one episode of your podcast or multiple episodes?






Did the presenters/characters/people in your podcast use a script?





How often does your podcast release episodes? Is the podcast still running or has it finished / been completed?




How long was your podcast?






What is the difference between a podcast and an audiobook?





How do you subscribe to your podcast? An app? YouTube?






Part 3: Reflection

What is your chosen podcast about? What is the format (interview, story, monologue)?






Who would you recommend this podcast to and why?






Could you do a similar podcast to this if you had to keep it between two and five minutes?






What is your opinion of podcast media now that you have listened to one?