Migration Map

Your psychological profile would suggest that connecting to ancestral experiences of immigration will help reduce adverse responses to your current circumstances…”

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Recent Family Migration

Use Google My Maps to chart the migration of your family lines.

Early Human Migration

Chart out early human migration on Google My Maps.

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How to use My Maps
Human Prehistory
Animation of Human Migration
Mapping Your Ancestry With Google Maps Article
Draft FAQ

Migration Map Assignment Q & A


  • Do I have to do this on the computer?

None of these assignments require computer use. Print or draw out a map and go from there. I do believe that computer skills are important, and encourage you to consider tackling your projects digitally where applicable.

  • Is it enough to just pin locations?

No. I am as interested in the story and/or background as I am the map itself. Try adding notes and give more information at each bullet (if applicable).

  • Does it have to be my genetic history?

No. It can be the history of anyone you are close to. Consider the history of your guardians – is their family migration history effect the way they influence you?

  • How do you expect me to tackle this?


  • Do research. Try talking to family, relatives or guardians – if they have good information then continue with a migration map documenting their history. If there is not good information, then default to the early human migration study.
  • Create the migration map in whatever medium works for you
  • Add notes to each bullet – these notes should include interesting facts about your family history (or reflection on that history)
  • Share the completed document & any notes/work you have completed along the way ([email protected] or in person)


  • Why am I doing this project?

Migration / emigration / immigration are an interesting part of history, and  remain relevant today – look to the economic migration from Africa to Europe, immigration and the US border, and humanitarian crises in a variety of conflict zones around the world.

I am also excited to introduce you to an interesting Google tool – great for planning a vacation!

  • What do matrilineal and patrilineal lines mean?

The history involving only fathers (patrilineal) and the line of descent involving only mothers (matrilineal)… My hope is that you will do at least two lineages. You do not need to do a complete family tree (although this would be an interesting way to do one!)