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Superficial Choice Generator:

Digital Scrapbook

Use MS PowerPoint or Google Slides to create a digital scrapbook on the topic of Slavery. Include descriptions and/or reflections on your chosen resources.

Physical Scrapbook

Create a scrapbook on the topic of slavery using other means at your disposal, digital or otherwise. Include descriptions and/or reflections on your chosen resources.

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Embed Media to turn OneNote Into a Digital Scrapbook
Digital Scrapbooking a Biography
Digital Scrapbooking in the Classroom
Digital Scrapbooking
Draft FAQ

Digital Scrapbook Q&A

  • This is a big topic… How much do I need to cover?

It is important to narrow down your research. Consider topics like “slavery in Canada” or “slavery in the US south…” or even more specific: “Canada’s involvement in the underground railway” or “Why the Irish slave trade is fake…”

  • What should I include in my scrapbook?

Try to include a variety of types of sources (fiction/non-fiction/poetry/photographs/video/audio/primary documents/secondary documents etc.) Consider including:

  1. A description in your own words of the included piece. Consider answering something like, “who/what/where/when/why”
  2. A reflection on the piece (How did it make you feel? What did it remind you of? How did it change your thinking?)

You are welcome to include your own work as part of the scrapbook:

  • Journal entries covering your process making the scrapbook
  • Poetry inspired by your scrapbook
  • Writing (fictional or non-fictional) inspired by or about your scrapbook
  • Audio commentary
  • Video commentary
  • Art inspired by your subject
  • On-topic doodles

Everything goes as long as it treats your topic with gravity.

  • Why am I doing this project?

You are trying to improve the way you research and respond to your research by seeking out unfamiliar sources and by synthesizing (combining everything in a coherent whole) your research in creative ways.

  • What program should I use?

I think PowerPoint is easiest. I would personally challenge myself to use something I am less familiar with like OneNote – or if I wanted my project to be especially beautiful, I would consider Photoshop or a physical scrapbook.

  • Is it enough to post the research materials I found without writing anything about them?

For the most part no. Some students may feel the need to explain their rationale verbally – we can make this happen but it would likely have to be outside of class time.