“Styles come and go.

Good design is a language, not a style.”Massimo Vignelli

Automated Transcript:

Intern, what an abstract logo. These are just the kind of scratches and scribbles that Earthotage Energy is going to gobble up. Truly we have a client-first mentality here at Arbitrary Design.

Now that your… my logo is ready to be pitched, my assistant tells me there’s some kind of rubric that is part of the ‘evaluation’ portion of your workflow, whatever that means. You wouldn’t want any unfortunate circumstances to arise now would you?

The following Arbitrary Design internal rubric document will help you to evaluate the success of your logo and the argument you have developed to defend it. The rubic is broken into two tables, the first evaluates completion of the logo, the second evaluates your argument.

Earthotage Energy Logo Rubric
Criteria Format Method Aesthetic

  • The Earthotage Energy logo is assessed based on whether it has been completed.
  • Completion of the logo demonstrates all of the associated traits: format, method and aesthetic.
  • The logo must be submitted in a format appropriate to the software package you have chosen.
  • If applicable, ensure evidence of the use of the pen or path tool remains part of this file.
  • The logo must have been created entirely or in part using the pen or path tool.
  • The logo must be abstract or partially abstract in nature. The logo must contain curves.
  • Optionally, the logo may contain text, but this is not a requirement.
Persuasive Paragraph Rubric
Criteria Exceeds Good Needs Revision
Why should Earthotage Energy adopt your logo?

  • Based on your particular persuasive argument (ie. metaphorical, historical etc.).
  • Based on facts, examples, quotes, etc. you choose to use.
  • Based on the ways your argument refers to your logo.
  • You have made it clear and coherent why your logo should be adopted.
  • You have shown creativity or deep thinking in describing why your logo should be adopted.
  • You have offered a coherent argument for why your logo should be adopted.
  • Your arguments are hard to follow, or do not apply to your logo.
 Was the level of grammar and language appropriate for an intern at Arbitrary Design?

  • Based on your spelling, grammar, language use etc.
  • There were no problems with your spelling, grammar and language use.
  • There were some problems with grammar, spelling, typos etc. but nothing too distracting.
  • Grammar, spelling and/or typos are distracting and detract significantly from your argument.

The persuasive paragraph rubric will translate to a grade of A to A+ if the intern has been assessed at ‘good’ or better in both the argument, and grammar/language rows; however, a grade will not (under typical circumstances) be assigned in the event that the logo has not been completed (as defined by the logo rubric). A lower grade can be negotiated in the event of incomplete work (both logo and persuasive paragraph) in particular circumstances where revision will not be undertaken.