Welcome to Arbitrary Design!

Here at Arbitrary Design, we allow interns like you to do preliminary work on even some of our biggest accounts! After all, we only hire experts™

You’re not just a cog in the wheel here, you’ll have the opportunity to create and defend a “unique” logo design for a major Canadian energy company, Earthotage Energy.

Don’t worry, we’ll help you through our company “workflow.” We will outline the whole process for you. Don’t forget to check the recordings from our internal voice memo system.

Automated transcript:

Welcome to Arbitrary Design! You have accessed our internal voice memo system. I’m your CEO Melissa McCarthy. Under my direction Arbitrary Design leads the design sector in the universal race to the bottom.

You will find a series of memos embedded into your workflow. These memos will offer commentary and direction within the context of your work on our new account, Earthotage Energy. Your contribution helps my breathtaking compensation package continue to be a reality!

Feel free to sit in on this meeting with another expert™. Just to reiterate – even if the meeting seems confusing, you’ll receive plenty of help on your path to creating the best logo design for Earthotage Energy!Arbitrary Design CEO, Melissa McCarty