The Perfect Logo:

“I’m not going to lie. We’re in a full on panic. We’re out of ideas and the last expert™ on the Earthotage Energy logo project has quit! Something about basic geometry? Anyway, it’s all up to you now. If you can’t pull off this design, Arbitrary Design’s entire corporate structure could collapse. I have mouths to feed, bills to pay… I know you’re just an intern, but it is all riding on your shoulders. We do have three principles that have worked in the past… maybe we can just recreate our previous success…”Melissa McCarthy's Personal Administrative Assistant

Automated transcript:

Melissa McCarthy here. Don’t believe the panic… Experts are a dime a dozen… after all, you’re here aren’t you? Just stick to a fresh and modern design, a good argument, and quantity over quality. These basic principles are how I built Arbitrary Design to be what it is today. That, and a complete disregard for convention. I’ll have my assistant forward you the details.

Fresh & Modern Design

A design for the current climate needs to break with traditions of form and what is traditionally considered good design. A freehand design which, “could have been done by a child” helps break down the barriers usually present between a national energy corporation and its customer base.

A Good Argument

Our clients like a good argument for why the design will work for them. It doesn’t matter if the argument makes much sense, just play to your strengths. It’s your choice! Argue based on the mathematics behind the design, what you learned in making the design, or what the design represents to you!

Quantity Over Quality

Don’t worry about spending too much time on your design. Our company has performed so well to date because of our high turnover!

Just make sure you familiarize yourself with our favourite tool (the pen tool), and have a good argument for why your design is good.

We’re not the only ones who can get this work done. Feel free to use the work of our competitors for inspiration, it’s cheaper to litigate later than to delay now:

If our competitors don’t inspire you, then look to Picasso and his bull: